Impounded Dogs

If you discover that your dog is missing, or if you find your dog on this register, please contact us on 06 356 8199. The pound is open to the public by appointment only.

Impound ID When Name Breed Colour Sex Microchip Age Desexed
8060 2018-10-19,10:30a.m. BULL MASTIFF BROWN MALE
8061 2018-10-19,10:30a.m. BULL MASTIFF BLACK AND WHITE FEMALE
8062 2018-10-19,02:43p.m. HEADING DOG Tri Colour FEMALE
8063 2018-10-19,05:50p.m. PIPPA MALAMUTE grey and white FEMALE 982-0001-6781-1387 6 yrs 5 mths YES
8064 2018-10-19,08:38p.m. BEAGLE Tri-Colour MALE
8065 2018-10-20,06:40p.m. BUDSWORTH STAFF CROSS WHITE MALE 934-0000-9002-0907 3 yrs 5 mths YES
8066 2018-10-20,08:11p.m. MORSE TERRIER, BULL MALE 982-0091-0602-7753 10 yrs 2 mths NO
8067 2018-10-20,09:24p.m. VADA AMERICAN PITBULL TERRIER MALE 900-0088-0068-2288 6 yrs 10 mths YES
8068 2018-10-20,09:28p.m. PITBULL Tan & White FEMALE
8070 2018-10-20,10:25p.m. PAIGE HUNTAWAY FEMALE 900-1080-0157-8481 6 yrs 3 mths YES
8071 2018-10-21,07:46a.m. Koba PIT BULL CROSS White and Brown MALE 990-0000-0166-1595 9 mths NO
8072 2018-10-21,04:30p.m. AUSTIN BICHON FRISE MALE 900-0088-0041-2060 5 yrs 11 mths YES
8073 2018-10-21,09:43p.m. BULL TERRIER BRINDLE FEMALE

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